Sunday, 12 January 2014


Woke up with the two love of my life. Ken and Kaela. Ordered KFC. Ate a lot. Enjoyed the Brownies. Yay! Made landi with Ken. And we both enjoyed spending time with our wonderful daughter. <3 I regret the bad things I told Ken the other night. Who was I kidding. I love the man so very much no matter how much he doesn't understand me and even if we rarely see each other eye to eye, metaphorically speaking. Haayy. He even took advantage of me yesterday! And I enjoyed every minute of it. Hehe.
It was a good day. More than I could dream of, I guess. Since I got to be with the people I love and cherish. Not everyone could have that. Hihi.
We had pizza from Yellowcab and Jollibee chickenjoy for dinner. Weewoo!

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