Monday, 19 May 2014

Missing Lola

Last night I dreamed of my late grandmom from my father’s side. We used to (we still do) fondly call her Lola Inay. And/or Inay. For some weird reason we were at a hospital. There was this some kind of game we were forced to play. Before we even sat down on our desired chairs/places, they already put something under them. The person who got this so and so drawing wins. Turns out I was the lucky one. I cannot remember the exact illustration from the card under my chair but it was somehow resembling a dragon of some sort whatever. I went to the front to claim my prize money.I don’t know what exactly happened after that but next thing I know, I was looking for my grandmother. Since it was a hospital, I asked about her on the reception desk, the emergency room, etc. I even asked the nurses and custodial workers I bumped into. I was already panicking, I was about to check all the rooms to look for her. I imagined her running away from me. It was sad and it made me desperate.

I woke up realizing how much I miss my grandmother. It was kinda creepy, thinking that it was some sort of sign that she wants to take me already… to heaven! Or to the other side. Or wherever she is right now. Which, I like to think, is in heaven. In a paradise. Somewhere peaceful… where she’s happy.

It’s sad. I miss her. I feel like I wasn’t able to spend more valuable, quality time with her. I feel like I took her for granted while she was still with us. *SIGH*

I love my grandmother. We have the same name.

Friday, 16 May 2014

Dream: 05.16.14

I was riding a cab. I was hesitant to trust the driver because he scares me. He looked like someone capable of doing bad things. I was super worried I unlocked the door; ready to jump out if he did anything funny. We passed by a girl and we slowed down because they know each other. The girl seemed to trust him so I relaxed a little. We were approaching a tunnel and parts of it were falling down so I was pretty scared. The driver went out to assure me nothing bad will happen. Just a few moments later the ground started to rumble and a landslide was happening. There was someone else in the tunnel; a boy about my age. We both ran for the opening and made it out alive. I felt bad for the driver I wasn’t capable of trusting.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014


I tried blogging on Wordpress earlier this year but it's really hard to customize the theme and work on your own design so I decided to go back here on Blogger. Yay! I'm kinda confident I will be happier here. Hihi.