Friday, 5 December 2014

Series of Unfortunate/Regrettable Events

This year’s Series of Unfortunate/Regrettable Events (or just plain stupidity and/or carelessness)
* also, these are all I can remember right now.

1. Tried online shopping and the products do not meet my standards. I bought a “Zara” Christmas dress for Kaela and a diaper bag. There are loose threads everywhere and the products online do not look close to real life; they look cheap. I thought I’d be happy with this site since I know the seller. I can’t even complain because of that. I don’t think I’d ever buy anything again from them. Although in fairness, I kinda liked the pink and black zebra bag. Smile!

2. I am fond of my sister’s Forever 21 black leggings. I wore her size Small pair a lot of times already even if it’s too tight and it showcases my big butt (although that’s probably why I like wearing it, hehe). I feel like it sucks up my flabby thighs, making them look firm. But since it feels too small for me, I thought of buying the Medium one. Which I did… And I’ve never been so wrong.

I did try fitting it out before paying for it. I even told my partner in crime that it feels so comfortable; I wanna wear it for the rest of that day. However, when I wore it to the office the next day, that’s only when I noticed how loose it was in some areas and that it doesn’t look so flattering, I wanna exchange it for the small one. Huhu. I thought of having it repaired but the material feels so perfect, I didn’t wanna murder it so it could fit me. Sigh. I thought about leaving the leggings as is. I’m pretty sure I’d still be able to use it anyhow. I just feel bad I didn’t try on the smaller size. Maybe it would fit better than my sister’s since the material is of better quality. At least I know what to buy next time. Size S!

3. Kaela’s 1st birthday party! Although it was an overall success, I don’t feel like I gave it my all. It could’ve been much more beautiful and fun. I bought a lot of decorations that we weren’t able to use because we ran out of time for the preparation. I also paid for 80pax but only 50 of the invited guests arrived. It broke my heart. I could’ve invited more friends. See, I have a lot of friends. Char. It feels so sayang. Ang daming natirang pagkain. Although the food wasn’t wasted, sana nakatipid pa ko if I only paid for 60 people. Tst tsk. At least I learned a lesson. Hey, it was my first time throwing a birthday party.

Although no one is actually complaining, I want to redeem myself. I know I could’ve thrown a better and more successful party. I kinda want Kaela to turn 2 already so I can make that more fun party happen. Haha. Kidding. But really, I wasn’t satisfied with myself. I was even having a bad hair day that time. Grabe lang. Stressed much.

I might be missing the point though. In spite of my shortcomings, I know what’s important is that we got to celebrate our daughter’s first birthday. YAY!!!! And even if I don’t think it turned out the best first birthday ever, it was super okay. Haha. And I appreciate and love Kaela for all that she is. ♥

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