Friday, 27 March 2015

Flashback Friday: Hayop Ka!

I find it so hard to keep a blogging schedule but I’m really trying. So here goes today’s Flashback Friday!


I remember physically fighting with my sister Bea. We were fighting about this stupid toy. I forgot what it was, all I know is that I so wanted to play with it but she didn’t wanna give it to me so I got hysterical and crazy. Being the older child, of course my mother wanted me to give in to my sister. But I wouldn't surrender without a fight. We started hitting each other, pulling each other’s hair, kicking limbs, whatever. And then my mom intervened. Bea got the toy and my ego got wounded. (Haha!) She started going to the second floor so I chased after her while shouting “animal ka!

Happier times. I'm pretty sure we were older here than we are in this story.

I can still remember clearly that I really meant that she was a literal animal. Like a cat, dog, bear, etc. But my mom didn’t take it that way. Hayop is the Tagalog word for animal and when you say Hayop Ka! that means you’re cursing the person you’re talking to.

So of course I got spanked and the situation, chaotic as it is, got worse! My mom asked me where I got that. I just said I heard it on the television. She then banned us from watching TV for a few days. Hello, I heard that from a teleserye they were watching. It wasn’t really my fault. Haha.


I guess I was confused at the time. I didn’t really mean it to sound like I was cursing Bea. I just really wanted her to be like a real animal. Hahahahahahashjaksalk.

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