Friday, 6 March 2015

Flashback Friday: No More Long Locks

For my birthday this year, Ken and I decided to go with his workmates to their other co-worker’s family farm in Mexico, Pampanga. When we were on the road, they decided to ask everyone to share their earliest memory. And I couldn’t think of mine. Sure I have lots of childhood memories, but I’m not sure what’s the earliest.

So to be able to not forget them, I decided to write down every childhood memory I have that made an impact in my entire life. And I will be naming these posts Flashback Friday: (their individual titles).

I decided to go with this one first. (I kind of have a lot, I mean don’t we all?) Although I’m sure this isn’t my earliest childhood memory. Also, I’ve written and shared this already to my high school English class and I remember my professor finding it so funny. Here goes…

That time I made my girl cousin almost-bald.

I can’t say I actually did it. But it was my fault my aunt shaved my cousin’s long, beautiful, luscious hair. I’m really not sure how old I was. I think I’d just ask my aunt how old my cousin was when she sported a skinhead. Hehe. Anyway… So we were playing in our bedroom with my sister and I think I was doing my cousin’s hair. You know, braiding it and stuff. And then I just decided to grab a pair of scissors and cut a little portion of it at the top. Of course it looked weird and all. Haha! So my aunt got so mad she took my cousin to a parlor and asked the hairdresser to shave my cousin’s entire head. She’s a lesbian now, btw. Maybe having a boy cut then triggered that. Idk. But she acted so much like a boy after that incident.

What I remember the most is the satisfaction I felt the moment that snipping sound was heard. I can imagine the face I made when I made that cut, until now. I was so pleasured by what I did. Why?? Because I envy her hair, of course! I loved her hair and mine at that time was a short bob. (I’ve always sported bobs during childhood, btw). I wasn’t sure if I felt guilty. Probably not. Lol. But I believe that is a life-changing event for my cousin.


Feel free to share YOUR early childhood memories. I’d be happy to read them!

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