Lea Who

Even if I've already made countless About Me pages, I could never remember what I write in them. Maybe I don't even know myself. Heh. But for the sake of this page...

I won't start this by saying I'm a twenty something blah. Instead, I'll be honest with you and say that I'm 25 (not that it's a big deal...) I'm still a struggling student. Lol. Really struggling because I'm so lazy to finish my studies but I feel like I should really get it over with for my parents' peace of mind. But I do really want to get a degree, tbh. So I will make it a point to really really really graduate. No matter how long it takes. Haha. 

I like annoying my partner in everything, Ken. Who actually feels like my first child. *sigh* Kidding! Most importantly, I'm doing my best to be an amazing mother to this wonderful creation: Kaela Summers ©

PS. This is probably the longest about me stuff I've ever written. Hooray! 

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